My Lead Gen Secret Review | Make Money Online | Scam or Legit?

What is My Lead Gen Secret? Talking about My Lead Gen Secret, it is basically an online ad service which includes tons and tons of value whose breadth and width is more than its worth in thousands and not hundreds of dollars. My Lead Gen Secret has also has all the training lessons and written material which is going to teach you affiliate marketing.

Taking a bit about the history, My Lead Gen Secret was founded by Jim Harmon in 2018 who is a well-known entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Lead Specialist.


– You can get started with $60 and look around the course in brief

– The program itself is very affordable


– Some of the training sections are out dated

– Jim Harmon personally cannot assist every question


Who Is Jim Harmon?

My Lead Gen Secret CEO and Founder, Jim Harmon











Talking more about My Lead Gen Secret, its main aim is to provide the user a step-by-step procedure so that you could build a successful affiliate online business. Within the My Lead Gen Secret membership, you’ve also got other products as well. Read a non biased professional My Lead Gen Secret review.

Is My Lead Gen Secret a scam? No, My Lead Gen Secret is not a scam –  My Lead Gen Secret is LEGIT.

My Lead Gen Secret membership Products 

Let’s get started…..


*You can get started with $60 and look around the course in brief

*My Lead Gen Secret teaches you from basic to advsnced, how to make money online through affiliate marketing with no crappy shit.

*With My Lead Gen Secret you can get lots of support and feedback from other top affiliate members that are also making money and you can get lot of crazy money making ideas.

*The basic join option is very affordable ($60 to get started and $30 a month thereafter)

*My Lead Gen Secret’s paid membership will get you all the tools, interface, autoresponder, and everything else you need in order to see results and start building an successful internet marketing business.


*Some of the sections are visually out dated such as: mailer function and integration pages, lead information interface

*Jim Harmon personally cannot assist every question, some of your questions will be answered by other support team members.


Trust me, guys, you might be wondering at $30 per month, what’s the catch? But believe me; I should say that I’m quite impressed with My Lead Gen Secret because it offers a lot of things free of cost and there is absolutely no catch.

When you signup, you get 96% USA Targeted Leads Acquired Within Days, 24% Email Open Rate, 80% of your email gets read within the first 48 hours, 90% of the leads have purchased online before and will do so again, Detailed stats on how many emails sent and how many opens received, Dedicated support every step of the way.

So now you might be wondering what this membership covers, let me tell you. My Lead Gen Secret will be teaching all the basic things which an affiliate marketer should know. This is no training course, MLGS delivers paid sales to you. There is No technical or computer knowledge required. It takes 5 minutes to signup and start making money. You can promote any program you want including affiliate links, replicated links, doorway pages, or any type of website you own. You can cancel at any time without penalty or further billing easily within the members

As a whole, it will be giving you a basic idea on how affiliate marketing works and also teaches you the initial steps to start advertising effectively.

Will Jim Harmon really be helping you?

Now see, the answer is yes, he will be helping you but the thing is you could hardly see him as we all know he is a really busy person and has got lots of work to do as well. So there are
people who will be helping you in solving your queries, do not panic.

Is My Lead Gen Secret useful for you?

My Lead Gen Secret tools

If you are looking forward to making money online, then my answer is yes. My Lead Gen Secret is useful for you. But also make sure that you’ve got enough bucks because it isn’t cheap, lol. jk,..its only $60 for month one and then $30 a month thereafter. If you do not have sufficient money, then I suggest you better go for something like a free Traffic Swarm membership (sarcasm ;))

How much does My Lead Gen Secret cost?

Month one: $30 one time setup and admin fee plus $30 basic service charge.

Every month after that: $30 which covers EVERYTHING!

My Lead Gen Secret Reviews

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My Lead Gen Secret Review – Scam or Legit?

Bryan Clarkson – NJ, USA

Kenneth Murphy – Boston, MA

Branden Clark from the USA


Ryan Daniels from the USA

Hanieh Nia from the United Kingdom

Tim Smyth from the United States


If you are trying to make money online, then My Lead Gen Secret is a great service to get involved with.

You can learn everything about affiliate marketing, right from the beginning to the advanced level.

Name: My Lead Gen Secret
Program Type: Home Business Lead Provider
Cost: $60.00 first month, $30.00 a month continuing
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
Reviewed By: Emma Ellis (Me)


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